Youth English Corner (YEC)

This is the joint program between the Zanzibar Library Services and the Youth for Empowerment and Change Youth for Empowerment and Change is non-governmental organization, non-partisan, non-profit organization that was established in 2015 under Societies Act Nam.6 of 1995. The program offers opportunities for youth and elders to gain skills of speaking, listening and writing English Language.


Youth English Corner leaders:
  • Mrs. Sichana Haji Foum ( Head of the program)
  • Mr. Ali Haji Hassan (Coordinator of the program)
  • Mr. Ramadhan Yussuf ( Asssistant Coordinator)
  • Mrs. Zainab (Matron of the program)
  • Mr. Mohamed Faki Omar (IT & designer)


  • General English Programs (GEP)
  • Webinar Course Online (Teachers Development Series)
  • Accessing Information Presentation Skills and Easy Learning (AIPSEL)
  • School English Club Revival (SEC) Revival

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