Reference Section

This division cover everything necessary to help the reader in his/her inquiries including the selection of an adequate and suitable collection of reference books. The possession of the right books and the knowledge of how to use them are assential to the success of reference room.
REFERENCE BOOKS. These are comprehensive in scope condensed in treatment and are arranged according to some special order to facilitate the ready and accurate finding of information. This Special order may be alphabetic, Chronological, Regional, Classified or Systematic. The books which are not arranged in Alphabetic in order are generally provides a fact or piece of of information. There are some books, which are so comprehensive accurate and so well provided with indexes through not references books yet they also serve as reference books. Examples of Reference Books are:

  • Dictionaries, Gazetteers, Directories
  • Encyclopedias, Atlas, Hand books
  • Yearbooks, Map
  • Almanacs, Bibliographical

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