Processing division

This is a part of the Zanzibar library Service Board divisions. The main tasks under this division are;-

  • Preparing and processing all library materials according to their similarities. .
  • Distribution of books in different information centers such as schools, and other organizations
  • To organize other libraries when needed.
  • To consult librarians about maintaining their libraries and information centers.
  • Checking the books to find out if they are compatible with the values of society and the country in general.
  • The daily activities that undertaking by processing division are:
  • Stamping all library materials which come from the storage room.
  • To put date label, book cards and spine label, reference labels and not to be taken away labels on that books.
  • To classified and cataloguing all books by give them class member according to their subjects of that books. This process may be done by using DDC, OPAC and Online Classification scheme.
  • Stamping the accession number to all books in order to make the identification on those materials, to know the list of information materials and to register in the accession register book.
  • To register all information of the particular books in the database known as KOHA for helping users having access to our online library services.

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