The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar
Zanzibar Library Services Board

Library Departmets Services

Processing Section

This is a part of the ZLSB unit which dealing with preparing and processing all library materials according to their similarities. The tasks that undertaking by processing room (unit) are:

  • Stamping all library materials which come from the storage room.
  • To classified and cataloguing all books by give them class member according to their subjects of that books. This process may use by DDC, OPAC and Online Classification scheme.
  • To put date label, book cards and spine label on that books.
  • Stamping the accession number to all books in order to make the identification on that materials and register in the accession register book.
  • To register all information of the particular books in the database known as KOHA for helping users having access to our online library services.

Refference Section

This room cover everything necessary to help the reader in his/her inquiries including the selection of an adequate and suitable collection of reference books. The possession of the right books and the knowledge of how to use them are assential to the success of reference room. There are two kinds of books.

  • Those which are meant to be read through for either information or enjoyment.
  • Those which are meant to be consulted or referred to for some specific piece of information.
Books of the second kind are called REFERENCE BOOKS. These are comprehensive in scope condensed in treatment and are arranged according to some special order to facilitate the ready and accurate finding of information. This Special order may be alphabetic, Chronological, Regional, Classified or Systematic. The books which are not arranged in Alphabetic in order are generally provides a fact or piece of of information. There are some books, which are so comprehensive accurate and so well provided with indexes through not references books yet they also serve as reference books. Examples of Reference Books are:
  • Dictionaries, Gazetteers, Directories
  • Encyclopedias, Atlas , Hand books
  • Yearbooks, Map
  • Almanacs, Bibliographical

Issue Desks

In this desk we do a circulation of loaning and returning books ,also we have other activities here like, provide strong support for library user for helping them to get their needs.


Issue desk is located in the you left handside once you inter through our outside door. knowing which book our users most used to read and loan all the days
also we monitor all loaned books by a users in order to serve the government recourses.
we write statistics for loaned book for each day of week.
Provide instruction for library users
Also we provide a new member registration
Below are steps of registration for incoming new users
we give him/her the instruction form
member should read and understand well that form
we give him application form after well understand the instruction
member should pay a little amount for member application form.
return a form after completed filling it
wait just a one or two day for processing and designing his/her member identification
after two days he/she come to take her/his card
start to enjoy our services

Computer Room

This is a room that available within the Zanzibar Library Services Board (ZLSB) provides services such as Copying, printing,laminating,scanning,binding,designing library member card and internet cafe services available in computer Room. in the Zanzibar Public Library building


The Copy Center is located in the computer room through room number 6 ,the librarian will show you where its.

Opening hours

Monday to friday: 8:30 am to 15:30pm
sunday and sutarday: closed


the computer café services like internet services for searching student their materials. this service for users will be charges only 500/= per hour . but there is a bonus of registered member which is the first one hour free.we help different student to fill their college application as well as loans board application.also we provides computer application course for basic librarianship students.


also we provides many stationeries services like.
photocopy,printing colored and black and white copy,lamination,all kind of binding,A4 scanning documents.
our services has a little cost compare to other stationeries, the following are the arrangement of our services cost
photocopy 30/= per page only.
color printing 700/= only.
black&white printing 300/= only.
A4 lamination 700/= only.
A3 lamination including birth certificate1000/= only .
spiral binding 1000/=only .
sola tap binding 1000/=only.
A4 scanning 500/= per page only.
also in this room we design Id for new and old member library users